The BOOM Guide to Myrtle-Broadway, Bushwick’s Most Iconic Corner

The BOOM Guide to Myrtle-Broadway, Bushwick’s Most Iconic Corner

The BOOM Guide to Myrtle-Broadway, Bushwick’s Most Iconic Corner

AKA The Center Of The Universe

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The Myrtle-Broadway corner in Bushwick is the center of the universe. At least, it can feel that way. Many critical bus routes and subway lines traverse the same patch of concrete, making this area the heart of Brooklyn’s nervous system.

Everyone you can imagine flows through the intersection every day. In the wee hours, yuppies going to work cross paths with ravers stumbling home. As the sun rises and sets, skaters zig-zag between families who’ve lived in the area for generations, as goths with nose rings buy mangoes from hard-working street peddlers.

Accordingly, you can experience practically anything within a two-block radius—from swanky bars to gritty DIY venues, cheap Mexican delis to fried chicken spots and queer-friendly dive bars. The area is ground zero for the changes rocketing through Bushwick, but even as upscale highrises seem to sprout from every surface, there’s a scrappiness to the corner that no civic beautification campaign can erase.

Below is our insider’s guide to the most crucial spots to hit the next time you’re on this iconic corner.

Loma Coffee Shop

What it is: Cheap, no-frills spot with Latin-American food along with diner staples from the grill.

What it’s good for: Start your morning here with a bacon egg and cheese greasy enough to conquer the most vicious post-rave hangover, and satisfy your end-of-the-night drunchies with a Cuban sandwich as filling as it is cheap—only $5.

The ~vibe~: Chicharrón de pollo and arroz con gandules served from metal trays, steamy windows, chatty staff; an island of sanity in the bustling maelstrom.

Insider tip: Their cheap coffee in a styrofoam cup is better than much of what you find at fancy cafes in the area for three times the price.


Market Hotel

What it is: Legendary all-ages venue run by Brooklyn DIY figurehead Todd P. A home base for many now-famous acts during the late 00’s, it returns in November 2017 as a legal, licensed space with its head held high.

What it’s good for: Heaven for buzzy guitar bands. Expect rap shows and even a few raves.

The ~vibe~: Every Bushwick aesthetic archetype from the past decade, all at once: floral Doc Martens, fishnets, baby bangs, greasy hair, chokers, flannel, pastel lipstick, band merch, stick n’ pokes, ratty Converse, secretly expensive denim, and so on.

Insider tip: Don’t get stuck trying to watch a show from behind the massive pillar in the middle of the dance floor. Do enjoy the quizzical looks from commuters on the JMZ platform outside the window as you mosh your face off.


Mr. Kiwi’s

What it is: Bushwick outpost of a delightful Korean grocery chain (see also: Mr. Mango, Mr. Coco, Mr. Melon, etc) with everyday staples and some bougie ingredients, along with a beloved juice bar.

What it’s good for: When you desperately need to suck down some liquefied ginger and stock up on gluten-free kale crisps.

The ~vibe~: During any trip here, you are guaranteed to run into at least one person you’ve hooked up with for every year you’ve lived in Brooklyn, so plan accordingly.

Insider tip: Order a ton of extra ingredients for your smoothie because even if it overflows, they’ll give you the rest in a separate cup.



Regalo De Juquila

What it is: An essential POC-owned spot serving the best Mexican food in the neighborhood from a low-key deli counter until very late.

What it’s good for: Everything from barbacoa tacos to mushroom quesadillas and hefty empanadas. It’s a killer bargain too; complimentary chips and salsa with every order, and few menu items run over $10.

The ~vibe~: Things get freaky late at night, as bars close and a neighborhood of kids flock to this small store to flirt, cry, and jostle for space at the one table. You can see a whole lot of humanity between 3:30 and 4 AM.

Insider tip: Buy a cheap beer at the counter and they’ll let you drink it at the table.


Happyfun Hideaway

What it is: Queer-friendly spot with a cute backyard, trendy DJs on the weekend (emphasis on reggaeton, dancehall, and club music), and a living-room feel on off-nights.

What it’s good for: Always a solid option for a Friday night bump-and-grind, but the tropical cocktails are just as refreshing for an after-work drink.

The ~vibe~: Loud, young, and proudly diverse. Unofficial Tinder date capital of the area.

Insider tip: If you don’t already have friends who work at the bar here, make some—it’s the best way to consistently get a drink when the place is packed. Also, the corn dog is better than you remember.