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Angelina DreemAngelina Dreem is an artist, curator and writer working in social sculpture and performance. As the founder of Powrplnt she has curated installations and programming for the past two years and has developed the permanent location in Brooklyn rooted in DIY ethos, ‘net art’ aesthetics and community activism. She has performed at MoMaPS1, Bruce High Quality Foundation, Company Gallery and more. She is currently enrolled at St. Joseph’s College for an MFA in Creative Writing. Her work aims to create social frameworks to cradle the emotional fallout of technological singularity.



2_ArleyservingwebArley Marks creates inventive and unique drinks that employ scents, opulent garnishes and unexpected ingredients to present a drink experience that is both multi­-sensory and intoxicating. He recently opened Honey’s a cocktail and mead bar in Bushwick and is the resident cocktail designer for Material Vodka, an organic vodka with a mission to support non-commercial artists. His drinks have been featured in TIME Style Magazine, Vanity Fair, The Fader, Condé Nast Traveler, US Weekly, and The Observer.



Art Baby Gallery is an online exhibition space managed by Grace Miceli. Art Baby aims to be an inclusive site that celebrates multimedia artists in the beginning stages of their career—through monthly solo exhibitions. Art Baby is particularly interested in showcasing work by artists who consider digitality to be a main focus on their practice.


horrorchata_marohagopian_0750Bushwig was conceived in 2012 by drag queens Horrorchata and Babes Trust to celebrate the queer drag and music thriving in Brooklyn. Bushwig is unlike any other drag show or festival in the world with 150 drag queens performing over a single weekend in September, the festival boasts a community that is aesthetically diverse and incredibly inclusive—promoting performers of all genders, sexualities and races –



HyperFocal: 0

All is frivolous and all is play! Dilly and Dally are autonomous by nature, they regard no one to exist aside from one another, and they answer only to each other and to their supreme, Mother Nature. Dilly and Dally see things that sprout from the earth as a parallel to them (in beauty and in form); gazing into flowers, they see themselves. They speak their own language called “Sillyan” and love to hold hands whenever close enough to do so. They nap when they are tired, they do not “learn their lesson” because there is simply no lesson to live by, and above all else they love to nourish. Essentially, Dilly and Dally are all seven deadly sins; without their ego (that finds home in their love for each other), they do not exist.


Discwoman is a New York-based music platform and booking agency, representing and showcasing female-identified DJ talent in electronic music. Beginning as a two-day festival in September 2014 at Bossa Nova Civic Club, Discwoman has since curated women DJ events and festivals in 15 cities—working with over 150 female-identified DJs and producers to-date.



Electric Objects exists for one purpose: to help people discover and fall in love with great art. Discover art that speaks to you, display it on your wall, and change it whenever you want. It’s made possible by our innovative digital display, a growing collection of over 20,000 artworks, and an app that lets you choose your next piece as easily as you’d pick the next song.


Fake Accent is a platform and collective of queer visual artists, DJ’s, and music producers to create intentional and immersive spaces in and outside of the club. Fake Accent is rooted in the shared notion of displacement: emotional, physical, sensational, and political. We translate this displacement by interrupting shared spaces with manifestations of sound and image; a reincarnation of the club experience and an exploration of the dualities and complexities of digital humanism.


Hailing from London, co-founder of Discwoman, Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson, moved to New York City in 2009. While in university, she developed an affection for the underground electronic music scene and began creating platforms for women. Since her move across seas, she’s worked in a range of places and areas of the city relating to media and culture that have ultimately led her to leading Discwoman.


Grace MiceliGrace Miceli is a Brooklyn based visual artist and curator who runs the online exhibition space Art Baby Gallery. Art Baby began in 2011 with a focus of showcasing work made by young, digitally focused artists who are often underrepresented in traditional art spaces. While still maintaining an online presence, Art Baby Gallery has spent the last year producing exhibitions IRL all across the USA, in the UK and Asia.



hmartell_web_headshotHayley Martell is a performance artist and fabricator based in New York, whose work investigates gender performativity, behavioral psychology, and linguistics. She uses spoken word, video, and movement to create submersive experiences for her audiences. She has performed in works by fellow artists Monica Mirabile, Sarah Kinlaw, Ciara Clements and Sigrid Lauren. Her work has been exhibited along the East Coast including presentations at Otion Front Studio, Glasshouse Artlifelab, SIGNAL, and on


Holyrad Studio is a production studio, art space, and membership collective owned and operated by women. Inspired by her own experience as a young creative Woman of Color, founder Daryl Oh launched an incubator of sustainable opportunity for young enterprising creatives.



FALLINGIN imageThe House of Ladosha is a collective exploration of the “house” philosophy popularized by ballroom culture. As a group of like-minded artists, they explore conceptual & social constructs and relate to them via their individual ethnic, racial, sexual and gender identities. The house puts self expression via social media on the same level as more traditional mediums including photography, video, painting, music and performance.


IMG_0439Jerome AB is a Kenyan-born designer and movement artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Jerome’s work incorporates various creative disciplines, most predominately: architectural theory, design and analysis, interior design, photography, videography, graphic design, dance and movement.



Processed with VSCO with c1 presetKathleen Dycaico is a choreographer and installation artist living in Brooklyn, NY.

Her work, both choreography and installation, deals with the aim to eden/heaven and the dystopian end times in which we exist.

Born and raised in the fertile farmlands and post-1960s utopia wreckage of California, she was fed on a steady diet of science fiction and fantasy novels until she moved to Brazil at 18. She graduated with a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of California at Davis, immersed in the study of creating perfect cities and societies. It was here that she began to direct choreographic inquiries finding tenderness in the void.

She is currently a partner and Residency Coordinator at Otion Front Studio, an experimental performance space in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. Recent projects include Apple-Eaters, a solo show at UC Berkeley in California, and Authority Figure, as one of 7 choreographers at the Knockdown Center in New York. Authority Figure brought together musicians, installation artists, choreographers, and over 150 performers in a choreographic experience challenging ideas of authority in our everyday lives. Authority Figure received press in the New York Times, The Fader, The Village Voice, and more.


KUNQKUNQ is an American artist collective comprised of MICAH (Micah Domingo), Rizzla (Brian Friedberg), Battyjack (D’hana Perry), False Witness (Marco Gomez), STUD1NT (Izzy Barreiro Ocampo), SHYBOI (Yulan Grant), KILBOURNE (Ashe Kilbourne) and FXWRK (Coral Foxworth). Originally formed in Boston, Massachusetts, the current roster of artists now exists in Brooklyn and New Orleans. The KUNQ ethos is centered around the production of multidimensional work through sound, visual and performance art while expanding the discourse surrounding the subcultures and genres that have become diluted or obscured in the name of hybridity.


Linda_ThachAfter living in Bushwick for a little more than a year, Linda Thach started little skips in February of 2010 with the idea to provide a community space to foster creativity and individuality around good food and good coffee with a focus on making genuine connections with all that entered those yellow doors. 5 years later she opened her second coffeeshop (The Other Little Skips) and an Asian sandwich shop (Little MO) simultaneously on November 5th, 2014 which have now become staples in the Bushwick community. With a long background in service and hospitality, she continues to incubate ideas to address a need in the community with partnerships and collaborations that allows creativity and magic to flow. She attributes her success so far to the integration of karma and giving into her business model and always looks forward to what will flow next into her universe.



luis_nieto_dickens_portrait_by_john_rohrer_webLuis Nieto Dickens is a Brooklyn based photographer and artist. Founder of the photo blog, Luis focuses on featuring the most relevant and underground culture in music, performance and art in NYC. Luis grew up in Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua, located in the Mexico-U.S.A. border and graduated from the graphic design program at The University of Texas at El Paso with a specialization in printmaking.



Michael Potvin works as a time-based media artist and interactive developer in New York City. He is the founder of Nitemind Creative, the Brooklyn artist spaces Stream Gallery and Steeldrums, and holds a degree in Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering from Boston University. Potvin’s work focuses on abstract visualizations created by autonomous software algorithms, analog video synthesis, custom lighting installations and interactive control.



229089-11532814-tumblr_n83xr1ovxT1qzi42to1_1280_jpgBorn and raised in Queens, New York, Fayaz is a self taught artist who illuminates the otherwise esoteric experience of being a queer person of color in New York. He is intent on documenting his vibrant community through his artwork.



Monica Mirabile

Monica Mirabile’s large scale choreographed installations often break through the expectations of dance and enter into an interruptive spectacle. Primarily working in the duo known as Fluct with co-conspirator, Sigrid Lauren, their productions have crossed disciplines and borders, sometimes leading up to 200 performers. Since graduating with a BFA in Interdisciplinary Sculpture at MICA, Mirabile’s provocative performances have been seen in numerous Museums including The BMA, The Queens Museum and MoMA PS1. Her work has been reviewed by FADER, Purple Magazine, Fact Mag, VICE’s Creators Connect, Art In America, among others. Mirabile is owner of Otion Front Studio, a dance / performance studio in Bushwick.



Nitemind Creative is a team of forward-thinking artists, engineers, designers and curators, who believe in a holistic approach to their work. Highly engaged in the NYC event and online community, they bring a hyper awareness and innovation to the underground. Whether it be a custom lighting installation, an interactive application, or musical supervision, they activate an elevated, multi-faceted experience for the audience at hand.



No-Tech had its inception as a monthly party/event organized by Ciarra Black and JR Nelson at Williamsburg, Brooklyn mainstay, Over The Eight, where it sustained for two years. Since then, they’ve done various one off events at Bossa Nova Civic Club, Output, Palisades and Trans Pecos. Most recently, Black has been doing collaborative events with Nothing Changes (No-Tech x Nothing Changes) at Home Sweet Home.



Papi JuicePapi Juice is a Brooklyn-based monthly dance party celebrating queer and trans people of color as well as the folk who love them. Each celebration carries on with urban sounds from around the world catering to a curated monthly theme. They have featured artists and DJs such as: Juliana Huxtable, Maluca, Princess Nokia, Zuzuka Poderosa, DonChristian, False Witness, Battyjack, Joey Labeija, DJ Ushka, and Jay Boogie. Papi Juice is undeniably committed to being a safe and intentional space.



Powrplnt is a network of artists and creatives that come together to provide free classes for teens on digital art tools needed to thrive in today’s world. Powrplnt has installed computer lab pop ups and curated programming in various locations including Red Bull Studios New York, Hunter East Harlem Gallery and soon to be at the Museum of Art and Design for winter 2017. Currently, Powrplnt operates a permanent community lab in Bushwick, Brooklyn offering computer access, all ages workshops, gallery shows and free teen programming. Powrplnt aims to inspire young entrepreneurs and artists, primarily of underserved populations to utilize the technology available to pursue their dreams. It also aims to represent lesser known artists women, and artists of color to provide a platform for diversity in art and tech to thrive.


sk-2-lgSarah Kinlaw is a composer, singer and director/choreographer working and living in NYC. Her interdisciplinary performance work most commonly explores the body through psychosis, psychology and our relationship to memory.

Kinlaw has most notably performed at the MoMA, MoMA PS1, Skylight One Hanson, Villa Medici (Rome), Le Carmen (Paris) and BAM. She is the co­-director of large scale choreography and performanceAuthority Figure as well as the star of Imponderable, a feature ­film by fine artist Tony Oursler, on display now into 2017 at MoMA.

Sarah currently writes and records under a new self-­titled solo pop and movement hybrid, owns and operates imprint label Zen As Fuck, tours internationally with her band SOFTSPOT and co-­runs Otion Front Studio, a dance and performance space in Brooklyn.


Seva Granik designs and produces immersive nightlife experiences for wide strata of clients and audiences. Museums, corporations and fashion houses have all tapped him for his vision of the feel, sound and visual elements of a party. His roots, however, are in the raw underground rave scene and, if you’re lucky, you can still find him popping those off in warehouses around Brooklyn, NY.



Shawna XShawna X is an artist and visual designer from Portland, OR currently residing in NYC. Her vibrant and clean style has been described as dreamlike, seductive and mysterious, with focus on color and minimal form to narrate complex themes.



Sweat Equity is a bespoke music service offering customized dance floor solutions and uniquely raw experiences. The label is run by Stress, JX Cannon and Plebeian.


Visual Magnetics is a materials innovation company that focuses on transformative surface design for walls. A variety of the company’s materials were used to create the interactive artworks that will be on view during “I Play No Games”. For the duration of the show, the walls at Holyrad Studio, which are already activated with Visual Magnetics materials, will get a vibrant new skin. The space will transform from a utilitarian, collaborative studio with dry-erase magnetic wall coverings, into a gallery where the walls become an interactive medium for the artwork itself. With Visual Magnetics integrated into the design of Holyrad Studio, the space is able transcend the capabilities of a traditional white-wall gallery. Visitors will be encouraged to alter the position of magnetic elements from each artwork freely, between the two prominent walls in the space. Past Visual Magnetics collaborations include interactive installations with fine artists across disciplines – world-renowned graphic designers, Antoine + Manuel, @PlantsOnPink, and Brooklyn-based textile designer Dusen Dusen. At its core, Visual Magnetics fosters a freedom of thought and playfulness in the design process that lends itself to shifting the way in which we can relate to walls, and spaces in general.

Bushwick Owners + Organizers Movement (BOOM) aspires to activate collaboration between the neighborhood's organizers and artists, integrating the evolving diversity of the community and celebrating its wealth of dynamic cultures. BOOM highlights Bushwick’s organizers and business owners providing spaces for safe expression, inclusivity, accessibility, as a celebration of the music, art, and performance coming from our community. All events will be free with RSVP (see Events). Select events will have limited capacity.

September 29 - October 4